I am so glad to see of all of you tonight gathered here to learn more about the thyroid gland and its role in your body.  I actually have notes with me.  It’s just too easy to get of the path as you ask questions and I always feel I need to answer them.  So - let’ get started with the thyroid & its role.  And some of the reasons it is so hard for your doctors to help you regain your health.

According to “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You about Hypothyroidism” - written by Kevin Blanchard, MD, PhD with Marietta Abrams Brill - and I quote: “1/2 of what you learn in medical school is wrong - your challenge now is to find out which 1/2”. 

There are many myths about Hypothyroidism.  He believes the current status of TSH test as the sign of presence of hypothyroidism & the status of treatment will eventually be regarded as 1 of the greatest mistakes of medical history. 

The US Medical system believes that 10-40% of all people have problems regulating the thyroid gland.  Blanchard thinks hypothyroidism is vastly under diagnosed.  The gold standard test for thyroid malfunction is not the laboratory blood tests for Free T3 (amount unbound in the blood), free T4 (amount of active T4 in the blood), TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) or TRH (thyroid regulating hormone).  Many doctors believe you have to have a high amount of TSH indicated by lab tests for you to have hypothyroidism.  That just is not true.  Most thyroid tests are fairly useless to the doctor attempting to make the proper diagnosis.  If you area difficult patient, you are written off as a “mental case” or “hormonal” or “postpartum blues”.  You are not crazy!  You don’t have PMS.  Your thyroid is out of sync with the body. 

In the 2003 American Academy of Clinical Endocrinologists it says: “The prevalence of undiagnosed thyroid disease is shockingly high, particular since it is a condition that is easy to diagnosis & treat”.  Some studies indicate that a TSH level of more than 2.0 is abnormal.  The AACE suggests more than 3.04 is too much.

The test may be good but how is read is the problem.  If the hormone is higher than normal, you have hypothyroidism.  If it is lower than normal, you are diagnosed with hyperthyroidism.  But higher than normal actually indicates a low thyroid level as there is low thyroid function in this case.  The test measures not the thyroid but the hormone that stimulates the thyroid to produce the thyroid hormones.  This reflects a need for the thyroid hormone in the blood stream.  If the thyroid hormone level is low in the blood, then TSH levels are high.  The thyroid gland is producing more than enough thyroid hormone.  If the test is normal but you feel bad, then it is not normal for you.  In FEb. 2000 issue of the Archives of International Medicine, the Colorado Thyroid Disease Prevalence Study of 25,000+ patients indicated 40% were abnormal in spite of treatment. 

The Hypothyroid Fog keeps you from thinking straight.  You are robbed of inspiration, passion & the ability to live a full life.  Your brain is not have enough T3 made in the thyroid to function well.  You want to maintain your brain cells for life.  Too little thyroid hormone and the brain has been shown to die an early death.

Blood tests only rule out glandular causes of low thyroid hormone.  They don’t rule out a metabolic problem.  A person can have a normal T3 and a normal temperature & still gain weight.  Physics explains the more a person is shaped like a ball - the harder it is to dissipate his/her calories.  There is a larger surface area that  has to be stimulated.  So it’s easier for them to lose calories that are needed for the energy to be spread throughout the body.  The larger the body, the larger the ratio.  Dieting only slows down the metabolism which in turn decreases the conversion of T3 which is an enzyme missing 1 iodine atom into T4 which is a tyrosine amino acid with 4 iodine molecules.

As the amount of T3 goes up, the amount of T4 goes down.  80% of T3 is made from T4 in the peripheral tissues such as the pituitary or bloodstream.  Only the remaining 20% is actually made in the thyroid.

The gold standard test for thyroid malfunction is the Achilles tendon reflex test.  When the Achilles tendon is struck, the foot drops down.  If the foot is slow to return to a normal flat foot position, it is an indication of hypothyroidism.  The body does not have enough ATP molecules to provide energy for it to return quickly to the normal position.

Do a neck check to look for a fleshy roll at the base of the neck.  It may not be a goiter.  Tip the head back & take a sip of water.  When you swallow look for bulges, enlargements or lumps.

Hypothyroidism is a deficiency of thyroid hormone or hormone resistance.  In cases of hormone resistance, there is plenty of thyroid hormone available but not enough to meet the requirements of the particular body.

Therefore, the thyroid deficiency creates an abnormal metabolism due to the inability to convert tyrosine into dopamine, norepinephrine & epinephrine.

A decrease in dopamine causes fatigue.  Almost all fibromyalgia patients are believed to have low dopamine levels.  Thus, there is a cognitive dysfunction.

Some symptoms of hypothyroidism are a feeling of being cold all of the time due to a low core temperature, dry skin, hair loss especially at the end of the eyebrows, dry eyes, & dry mucous membranes.  The list goes on & on.  You can refer to the charts I have passed out for more symptoms. 

Thyroid problems can be due to hypothalamus or pituitary gland malfunctions.  Dr. Dan Purser has a great deal of his time lately educating us about the delicate pedestal upon which the pituitary gland sits - and how easily it can be damaged.  If you have not read his books or viewed his DVDs of his recent lectures, please let me know.  I do have copies for sale. 

YLEO has several products which address the pituitary gland and its required support for proper thyroid support.  One of these is Thyromin.  I would suggest muscle testing or applied kinesiology to determine “how much” is required by your particular body.

Lipase enzymes are used to attempt to control body weight during stages of thyroid malfunction.  Lipozyme is the YLEO product which addresses this situation.  Lipase has been shown to enhance weight loss without exercise.  This enzyme is required to lower cholesterol, & to break down triglycerides & fatty tissues.

There is a solution according to Dr. John Lowe.  Just get back to basics.  You just need to reset the system.  He suggests the following:

  1. correct the nutritional deficiencies

  2. get on an anti-inflammatory diet (low sugar, low grain, raw organic diet)

  3. exercise

  4. get off medications that impede metabolism which is a side effect of most drugs

  5. treat any cortisol deficiencies

  6. balance the sex hormones

  7. balance the thyroid hormones

Why do we need to balance the sex hormones?  Because estrogen is needed to make more protein available.  Any factor that changes the amount of protein in the body can affect the total amount of Free, Active T4 & T3.  Protein locks up the thyroid hormone.  The lower the protein in the body, the more T4 & T3 are free & active.  I use both Estro tincture & Sclaressence to help balance the estrogen as I had a hysterectomy in 1980.  Be sure to read Molecules of Emotion by Candace Pert.  You will learn more tissues than the ovaries produce female hormones.

Some chemicals and other factors affecting the amount of free T4 & T3 are Nephrotic Syndrome (kidney), corticosteroids, testosterone levels, cirrhosis of the liver & severe illness. Raw conversion of T4 to T3 occurs in the liver.  Better love the liver & treat it well.  More JuvaPower or JuvaTone.  Even NXR helps the liver.

Hypothyroidism symptoms are found in patients diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  There’s reduced brain flow, & platelet caused constriction of arterials & cold fingers.  Hippocrates found the condition to present itself in ancient Roman times.  He suggested the person get a reasonable amount of exercise, stop eating rich foods, eat more vegetables & fruits.  It was his experience the patients all recovered from their conditions when dietary excesses & deficiencies were addressed.  You can be overfed but under nourished.  It shows up quickly as rough skin.

Natural substances can support organ function.  General good health is a body that can build, maintain itself while adapting to its surroundings and environmental changes.  Specific organs require specific foods or nutrients to do their specific jobs. 

Food is the raw building materials required for a body to regenerate itself on a daily basis.  Poor organ function can be due to poor dietary substances or choices.    The natural substances should be coming from your foods but it may not be.  I take True Source daily as well as Omega Blue and Longevity capsules.  I always toss in an Inner Defense & a Life 5.  My husband prefers the Core Supplement pack for convenience.  It works well for those who are gone from home during the day.  You just grab the packet & toss it in your purse or in a pocket.  He starts the day with Balance Complete, Power Meal or Pure Protein with a scoop of JuvaPower added for liver support.

If I get tired during the day, I realize I have raced through my nutrients & thyroid hormones.  The thyroid affects energy production of almost every cell in the body.  Thyroid metabolism determines the rate the cells convert nutrients & oxygen into energy.  I will add an ounce or two of NingXia Red.  It contains protein along with many of the minerals & vitamins my body is screaming for at that time.  I will add the Mineral Essence to be sure I am not depleting them.  Janice is funny.  Someone asked me in front of her - “what are you drinking?”  She explained it changes constantly.  That’s for sure.  A glass of NingXia Red diluted 50:50 with water probably has at the very least 10 drops of Frankincense along with JuvaPower, Mineral Essence, added organic Lemon juice, and whatever was else was on the kitchen counter.  And I always take a few of the supplements on the dining table.  If they are not staring at me every time I sit down, I will probably not stop long enough to go to the bathroom, open a jar & grab some enzymes.

I need a lot of Vitamin C for the tendons, ligaments, bones, blood vessels & to keep my teeth from getting loose or losing the dentin below the gums.  If I don’t have enough vitamin C it shows up as weakness, joint pain, & bruises.

Enzymes are required for every body function.  NXR provides many of my daily enzymes.  In addition, I take the lipozymes to make sure I am not adding body weight as the thyroid is involved in the utilization of lipase.  I use Polyzymes whenever I am tired as I am not converting proteins into energy at that time.  I take Carbozymes whenever I eat pasta or other foods high in carbs.  And there is the Essentialzymes which I take with each meal.  You can have all the organic raw foods in the world but if you are not breaking them down into packets of usable nutrition it just does not matter. 

You have to have enough calories to prevent starvation.  If the body goes into starvation mode, the metabolism slows down.  Oops!  More nutrients stored for future requirements.  You can go for weeks or months without eating.  You can only go a few days without water.  Only a few minutes without air.  By the time, you realize your body is starving for the right nutrients a disease process may have already set up in the body. 

TSH levels may not actually reflect the hormonal activity in the body.  The tests may be falsely suppressed by:

  1. 1.Conversion of T4 to T3 in the pituitary & at the tissue level as seen in mild hypothyroidism.

  2. 2.Serious non-thyroid illness reducing TSH production

  3. 3.Antidepressants may cause heart rhythm problems as they up thyroid activity

  4. 4.Anticonvulsants

  5. 5.Cholesterol lowering drugs

  6. 6.caffeine

  7. 7.Glucocorticoids for inflammation

  8. 8.Anticoagulants

  9. 9.Insulin or oral hypoglycemic drugs

  10. 10.Estrogen or contraceptives

  11. 11.Digitalis

  12. 12.Antacids

  13. 13.Iron tablets

The tests allow us to understand the underlying pathology or cause at the cellular level. 

If a person has too little Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) + high amounts of T4, the person will be hyperthyroid.  If there is too much Thyroid Stimulating Hormone, the person has Graves Disease.  Anti-TPO or anti-thyroid peroxidase antibody detects the presence of antibodies against protein found in the thyroid cells.  This is an auto-immune response to a damaged thyroid.  It’s seen in Graves Disease & Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.  The thyroid hormones become “protein bound” so can they can get from the thyroid to the targeted organs.  These hormones are inactive while protein bound.

The thyroid assists in maintaining blood sugar & getting insulin to the cell receptors.  T3 aids in reducing insulin levels.  Again, EndoGize, EndoFlex and NXR help with insulin conditions.

Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome is another side of thyroid malfunction.  The body’s basal temperature will be low though thyroid blood tests may appear normal.  You can have both hypothyroidism & Wilson’s Syndrome.  Use the Basal Temperature charts to begin keeping track of your body temperature in the morning before you get out of bed.  Keep a thermometer beside the bed.  Put it in the armpit for 3-5 minutes.  See what you get.  If it is lower than 98.6, you have a problem.

Testing for T4 is a misleading treatment option.  T3 is 4 times stronger than T4.  It breaks down 3 times faster than T4.  Therefore, the levels of T3 and T4 go up and down.  T3 excess may result in fluid retention, muscles aches, anxiety, irritability, increased heart rate & an increased awareness of the heart beat.  A patient taking T3 drugs should be monitored for cardiac complaints & osteoporosis.  You need to have EKG examinations periodically to make sure there are no changes. 

All too often a doctor notices changes in the heart rhythm and fails to diagnose the underlying thyroid condition.  In a similar fashion, it is easier to prescribe antidepressants than to work on the thyroid malfunction.  The predominant complaint gets the most attention.  It’s much easier to just write a prescription.

Doctors who prescribe T3 realize the need to increase T4 when the patient has been given too much T3.  An indication of too much T3 is the patient’s resting pulse rate is more than 100.  The antidote for T3 excess is to give more T4.  Armour Thyroid & Synthroid or Levothroid, Unithroid, Levoxyl are levothyroxine which are T4.  Armour also contains 20% T3.  That explains why some people feel better on it than on Synthroid.

If you are taking thyroid drugs, you should not consume caffeine, nicotine or use decongestants.  Take your medications 1/2 hour before meals as fiber content affects absorption rates.  You might need more medication to get the same effect as without fiber.  Take vitamin and minerals 2 hours after the medications.  Be sure there is 2 hours between calcium supplements and medications.  Calcium helps protect against osteoporosis which can be a side effect of hypothyroidism. 

Be sure to get enough sleep.  A loss of sleep increases hunger, changes your metabolism of carbohydrates & ups blood glucose levels so there is an overproduction of insulin.  Oops!  More fat storage & increased insulin resistance or adult onset diabetes.  There is an invisible link between hypothyroidism and the growth hormone disturbances.   That’s why there is Ultra Young Spray with DHEA.  Sleep disturbances, chronic fatigue& insulin deregulation are a part of the problem.  There is a defect in energy generation at the cellular level.  You are tired, stiff & don’t tolerate exercise well.  There is evidence CRS & fibromyalgia are linked to trouble converting T4 into T3.  Part of the theory includes a magnesium deficiency.  I personally take MegaCal to fill my body’s need for both magnesium & calcium.

Some organs like the brain require need thyroid hormones directly from T3 to function - not just T3 made by conversion in the tissues.

Symptoms peak or ease with the seasonal, metabolic & hormonal shifts in the body.  Children have a high demand on metabolic & hormonal systems as they grow.  Signs of hypothyroidism is short stature, irritability, concentration problems which lead experts to diagnose ADD.  Not true!  Just balance the thyroid.  Hypothyroidism occurs when there is a glitch in the system of supply & demand.  The hypothalamus senses the need for more Thyroid hormone by send TRH to the pituitary gland.  The pituitary gland sends TSH to the thyroid gland.

PMS is due the demands on the thyroid during puberty.  Infertility is a failure to ovulate with a short luteal phase (between ovulation & menses onset).  If the mother’s thyroid hormones are out of kilter, there is a learning problem or low IQ in the child she is carrying to term.  Some women can’t carry a child to term due to thyroid malfunction.  Thus, a pregnant woman needs more than a 65 year old woman or man.

Most miscarriages occur during the winter & late fall due to an increased demand for T3 due to seasonal changes.

Adrenal support is required if there is a low body temperature or low blood sugar due to a decrease in thyroid hormone production.  The adrenal gland is attempting to compensate for the missing thyroid hormones.  This results in too much adrenal hormones in the bloodstream.  I use Cortistop Women’s, EndoGize or EndoFlex to support the adrenal glands.  I really love the results I get with the En-R-Gee blend on oils.  I put it directly above the kidney area on the back.  The adrenals rest just about where your arm rests when put behind your back & then at the area of the raised thumbs.  And there’s always the VitaFlex points on the feet.  When I realize stress is getting to me like today because of errors on my proof of insurance card - the State of Texas contacted me to tell me I face a $350 fine due to a lack of vehicle insurance - I get out the Stress Away roll on.  I don’t need all that excess cortisol rampaging through my body to further stress out the heart.  Unfortunately the brain doesn’t have a way of sticking a dip stick into my blood to find out I really do have too much cortisol and adrenal hormones before the pituitary gland starts ordering more output.

If you do not have a copy of Jennifer Crippen’s natural anxiety stress cascade chart, please let me know.  I have a few copies  here tonight.  You can visit her website http://www.naturalanxietytherapy.com  She has wonderful recipes there to assist you in making nutritional choices.

You need low fat thyroid friendly foods. 

There is really no cure.  It is a life long process based on self-awareness & devotion to continuing health.

Adrenal complaints include low blood pressure, lightheadedness & carpal tunnel symptoms.  For carpal tunnel, add vitamin B6 to your diet.

Low temperatures can be due to a progesterone or testosterone deficiency.  I use the Progessence Plus Skin Serum for myself - 2 to 4 drops along the carotid arteries per Dr. Purser’s suggestions.  My husband uses the new YLEO Prostate Health capsules.  I have left these off the charts I handed out earlier.  You may need to add them.

If you have a low basal temperature, there is possibly low DHEA.  There are a number of YLEO products which supply DHEA.  Too much DHEA causes masculine effects.

Dr. Wilson is quoted as instructing doctors: “REMEMBER: People typically feel the best when they’re at 98.6 & they’re OFF the medicine.  Only some people will feel extremely well while they’re at 98.6 & ON the medicine.”

High cholesterol can be due to thyroid malfunction.  We have been shown NingXia Red & Omega Blue aids in reducing cholesterol levels. 

The restorative effects of plants have been shown to correct nutritional deficiencies.  They trigger responses in the body as plants have proven to trigger specific responses in the body.  The skin adapts to sunlight by tanning.  Muscle responds to exercise by getting stronger.  The metabolism responds to starvation by slowing down.   It responds to the environment and the climate.  When the thyroid does not function correctly, your entire body is compromised. 

The hypothyroid heart is a big problem.  The heart is highly sensitive to thyroid hormones.  There will be a “systolic click” which is diagnosed as mitral valve prolapsus.  or atril fibrillation.  The heart muscle cells are receptor sites for T3.  At the level of the cardiac muscle, T 3 may be HyPER while the surrounding tissues are HYPO.  The top # is too high & causing increased pressure to attempt to circulate the blood.

The Hypo heart results in artheriosclerosis or narrowing of the vessels as homocysteine an amino acid produced from meat consumption is increased.  The arteries are too stiff when thyroid hormone is decreased & vessel pressure increases.  The decreased heart rate may result in bradycardia as the top # is too slow - usually less than 60 beats per min.  Homocysteine can be converted into cysteine with the aid of B-vitamins.  More need for NXR and the Super B vitamin.disease, lowering homocysteine levels may not improve outcomes

Historically, we are to eat certain foods at certain times of the year.  Which foods are correct are based on the foods that grow during a specific time of the year.  Today, we can go to the store to purchase whatever we desire rather it is in season or not.  This does not help our body to function properly.  There is a reason plants grow only in specific times in specific areas. 

Natural substances have a direct medicinal effect on the body.  They are able to correct simple nutritional deficiencies.  Plants provide organs with the stimulus to adapt to our surroundings & circumstances.  They aid in recalibrating the body and its organs.

In the US, today, 10% of the major drugs have plant extracts as the major ingredients.  More than 25% of the common drugs contain compounds obtained from plants.  Let your food be your medicine.  It is cheaper on the pocket book and on the long term in your body to recalibrate and to regenerate the body.

The struggle is a life long challenge to maintain good health.  Thank you again for sharing your time with me tonight.  See you next month!

Thyroid Nutritional Handout